About three weeks ago, we started another beauty experiment. Actually, we are always skeptical towards these experiments. The product which it is about today is called BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM www.bioeffect.de developed by Sif Cosmetics. Sounds kind of technical but it is not. The BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM is the only natural EGF Serum on the market. But what is EGF anyway? EGF is the Epidermal Growth Factor of our skin – a protein and therefore a natural element of the skin.

Growing in age this factor ceases. Consequently, the cell renewal slows down and the skin looks dull, saggy, and more wrinkled. Icelandic researchers managed to rebuild the DNA code of the human EGF and to recreate it in the barley: thus the plant is a mini factory of natural and skin identical EGF. Now you might have an inkling what this means: With the BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM you can directly supply your skin with EGF which means your skin is looking younger, firmer, and healthier in only a few weeks. Treat minor injuries with this wonder serum and you will see the healing will be accelerated significantly.

The EGF cell activator is being produced in barley – sustainable and ecofriendly. The barley is cultivated in pure hekla-ash in Iceland, is watered with clear mountain water, and is cultured in an ultramodern greenhouse. Unlike traditional production system, this patented processing method doesn´t yield bacteria (e.coli) and animal cells. It is possible through the creation of cell activators in barley to manufacture extremely clean and active cell activators which are suitable for skin care products of high quality.

When I began using BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM, I was sceptical as always. After removing my make-up, I applied the serum with one or two drops only on my face, eye area, throat, and decolleté. The more exciting it was the next morning. In the face of all worries, my skin was soft and rosy. Of course, I couldn´t refer to an anti-aging effect after one night only but I was astounded by how good my skin felt. Especially, in wintertime I tend to suffer dry skin and – it is almost hard to believe – the two drops at night are perfectly enough to nourish my skin. Now after three weeks, I really have a better complexion – no dry parts – even the rims of my eyes are less visible.

I am always pleased all the more if I discover a beauy product that utterly convinces me. BIOEFFECT EFG SERUM did it. From now on I am a faithful fan and customer. The price for 100 ml amounts to 135 €. Keep in mind, how many night creams and serum you won´t need to buy anymore.

Here is the list of the German retailers: www.bioeffect.de/handleradressen.de